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January 2016

adi is graphql for datomic

by Chris Zheng,

Or rather, graphql and adi work on the same principle - that the query should be of the same structure as the result. It's quite obvious why this is a good thing - and the reason mongodb became so popular because it was just so easy to use.

The novelty with adi is that it works with relational data to enable document-style search and retrieval for both forward and backward relationships, enabling very efficient queries to be constructed. Furthermore, the library provides a very extensive list of data filtering options based purely on access data models.

I've neglected this library for too long since coming up with the first version more than three years ago. Since then, alot has changed in the landscape of database and data access but I believe that the concepts introduced by adi is still relevant - if not more so. The library is being revived in 2016 with a brand new website generated using hydrox and a new logo. There will be more to come as I still have to document the API but in the meantime, please check out the revamped walkthroughs.

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