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December 2015

hara 2.2.12 release with docs

by Chris Zheng,

We've been doing some really cool stuff at Helpshift so it's been a while since any significant updates on my open source projects. Clojure wise, I took a trip in November to Israel and met up with the Tel Aviv Clojure Group and it was great to be shown around by Daniel and to meet with everyone. There's some real exciting work going on there and I look forward to going again in the future.

hara is now at version 2.2.12. I've managed to get most of the documentation up for hara for easier consumption. There are still two namespaces - hara.concurrent.procedure and hara.object that still needs work but I will aim to get them up asap. It's quite a milestone for me, as it's as much about hara and my opinions on library design as it is about the tools (lein-repack and hydrox) that have been built in order to work with the library. More to come but please check out the new additions to the documentation!

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