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June 2016

klipse is magic

by Chris Zheng,

Just last month, I sat down with the klipse guys and told them that because I'm super lazy, I didn't even want to use cljs-build/figwheel and just edit code directly on github/gists and have it be pulled and compiled directly on the browser.

A month later... thanks to viebel's awesome work:

What people saw was the clojure.spec examples running live. What most may not realise is that the klipse editor is pulling code from github on the fly and resolving dependencies within the browser itself.

This changes the game completely. It completely removes the requirement of a cljs compiler - with the ability to load code from anywhere.

Javascript, eat your heart out.

Something even more cool - watch what happens when the klipse plugin is added to clojuredocs:

Support klipse, be lazy.

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